#1 Cause of Back Problems


Do you or someone you love suffer from back pain?
Chances are that the answer is “yes”, but I’ll bet
that you don’t know the #1 cause of this issue…
It’s sitting! That’s right, who would have thought!
1 out of every 2 back pain sufferers tends to spend
way too much sitting during the day.
Makes perfect sense, so many of us sit hunched over
a keyboard like some kind of cubicle monkeys nowadays.
But that’s not all…
Sitting too much can also contribute to your becoming
obese and increases the likelihood of you developing…
Diabetes…Heart Disease…and other potential fatal afflictions.
Evolution Makes The Rules…Your Job Doesn’t
The 20th century is over.
It was a wonderful century full of industrial and economic
progress, but that progress brought many health problems
along with it.
You see, the modern industrial world requires us to be
obedient little worker bees…this beings in public school.
We are taught to sit, be quiet, listen, and answer…but only
when spoken to. We learn to do this for about eight hours
per day, while mom and dad are at work.
This way, we learn to sit still and follow orders, so that
we can one day go sit in an office and follow orders in
order to receive a paycheck and make a living.
This would not be as bad as I’m making it sound here if it
weren’t for one insurmountable issue…
Our tens of thousands of years of musculoskeletal
evolution requires us to move around all day long,
like our hunter-gatherer ancestors did…
The average American spends about 10 hours per day sitting.
I know from experience. My mom was a 14-hour per day sitter,
today she struggles from horrible back problems and we spend
at least two-to=three full days per month merely traveling
from back specialist to back specialist in hopes of relieving
her constant pains. I don’t want you suffering the same way.
The Scary Science of Sitting
Once you first sit down, your body immediately begins the
relaxation process. The blood flow slows and the muscles
loosen…thus you immediately stop burning fat.
Remember, your body IMMEDIATELY begins storing fact for
evolutionary survival purposes. Back when we lived in caves,
hunting, gathering, and foraging for food…we never had easy
convenience stores and ready-made nutrition.
So when we ate, our bodies adapted to store fat for long
periods of time, just in case we didn’t eat for days on end.
In other words, EVERYSINGLETIME…that you sit down, your
internal machinery slows down and starts storing fat.
Studies show that those sitting 10 hours per day or more,
doubled the likelihood of developing heart disease.
The same holds true for diabetes, sitting increases insulin
production. Insulin is the trigger for diabetes.
Stand Up For Your Life
Walking, on the other hand, forces the discs in your back
to expand and contract, allowing you to more easily and
readily absorb nutrients into your bloodstream.
Meanwhile, sitting causes these discs to compress. If you’ve
ever had disc-related back pain issues you know just how bad
and painful of a problem this can become.
A spine that doesn’t regularly stretch, expand, and contract
eventually becomes frail, brittle, and useless.
Once you reach this level of musculoskeletal degeneracy,
even the most simple task can lead to serious back injury.
Even something as simple as picking up a cup of coffee,
or bending over to pet your pup or hug your grandchild.
While sitting, your discs lose their sponginess and
collagen hardens around the supporting tendons and ligaments.
The sponginess of the discs between your vertebrae is
necessary in order to maintain a healthy back as you age.
Standing up also forces your muscles to flex and tense up,
while sitting deteriorates them, for the same reasons as
those above.
In kinesiology, the study of body mechanics, this is called
hypokinesia, which means “decreased bodily movement.”
Today, it’s considered one of the “Silent Assassins” of
Americans over the age of 55. Once your muscles go weak,
you lose stability. This causes people with hypokinesia to
fall and end up with major hip problems and worse…
All those sad stories you hear about people falling, hitting
their heads and then dying in their own bathtubs…are almost
always the result of advanced hypokinesia!
Remember, your body is an adaptive mechanism…
It learns from your behavior. If you sit too much it will
adapt and issues such as: poor circulation, bone weakening,
and even brain damage (due to decreases oxygenation) will
become the norm.
You are a hunter at the core. You don’t need to go out
and actually do it. Just remember it and move around
each day, like a proper professional hunter would.
Sit vs. Stand…The Final World
Stand up! It might take some time to adapt to standing while
at your computer, but it will pay off. Get a computer desk
with enough height adjustment so you can stand instead of
sitting while working at your computer.
This will get you moving around more as well!
When sitting, take a break every hour. Stretch or just walk
for five minutes – any kind of movement helps. You might think,
“Even though I have to sit and work for 10 hours straight, I
will exercise for one hour after that to reverse the effects.”
But exercise can’t reverse the effects of 10 hours of sitting!
Sitting tells your body to shut down all of its processes.
Do you think exercise compensates for not sleeping enough?
So why would you think it will compensate for sitting all day?
Try sitting on something wobbly like a Pilates ball while at y
our desk. This gets your core muscles working. If you must sit,
at least sit correctly as shown in the picture.
Do this if you are retired, as well. Heck, this is MUCH MORE
valuable advice if you are retired.
Go for a brief walk each morning and night…
Watch television and check email while standing up…
Cook your food, forcing yourself to stand while doing the prep.
Today, many young people sit all day without thinking about
what that’s doing to their back and to their bodily functions,
and how it will show up when they get older. This is also a
huge factor as to why our children are getting fatter and fatter.
People are not aware of the dangers of hypokinesia.
They should be.
That is why I’ve chosen to write about it today and will
continue to do so in the future.
Please share this information with a loved one who sits
too much for their own good.
Standing Up For Your Back,

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