Hidden Dangers Of Common Medical Tests


You should think twice before going in for common medical testing.

The painfully burdensome costs of today’s health insurance actually act as an artificial stimulant that manipulates you into getting medical tests you don’t really need.

This slick medical marketing strategy prays on the Average Joe’s (and Jane’s) frustration with ever-rising healthcare costs. The healthcare industry figures that since they’re charging you so much for their services, you’ll adopt the “I bought it, might as well use it” approach.

This approach, however, may put you in an early grave…due to 2 HIDDEN REASONS:

1) Radiation Poisoning — Almost every single form of medical testing today exposes you to radiation. This is a necessary evil and acceptable so long as you are in a situation where you actually need it.

For example, CT Scan has merit if you fell, hit your head, and cracked your skull. The risk of a potential brain damage or a skull fracture warrants a CT Scan. A migraine headache…does not. Medical imaging tests rely on ionizing radiation.

Radiation DAMAGES your DNA cells, which can lead to cancer. Cancer is soaring around the globe. Thirty years ago there were only a few million CT scans done in the US. Now there are 30 TIMES MORE done each and every year.

Medical researchers are greatly discouraged from investigating this apparent correlation. Still research shows that many people develop cancer due to being x-rayed too often. For example, one factor that is strongly associated with the risk of getting breast cancer is– IONIZING RADIATION.

2) False Positives and Their Resulting Misdiagnoses — This is a HUGE PROBLEM that nobody in the medical industry wants to talk about due to fear of  malpractice suits. The reasoning is simple: if a patient is misdiagnosed and then plugged full of the wrong meds, they can either die or have their lives drastically shortened.

It happens far more often than anybody wants to admit.

Next, let’s look at some of the most common medical tests and why you should think twice.

CT and X-ray

Computerized tomography (CT) revolutionized medicine. It detects differences between normal and abnormal tissue 1,000 times better then x-ray. But 30% of CT scans are unnecessary, and can be avoided by using methods that do not use radiation, such as MRI and ultrasound.

If you go to a neurologist who owns a CT scanner, you are more likely to go under the scanner than if you visited a doctor who doesn’t have a scanner.

Because they purchased the equipment there is financial incentive to get the most use out of it as possible, setting patients up for overuse of CT scans.

The problem is that CT scans are now promoted to HEALTHY PEOPLE, which is very dangerous and unethical.

Over the last 10 years CT scans have doubled!

This shoddy medical practice will create Three Million More Cancer Patients in next few decades.

There are many more problems with CT scans.

When your child has a CT scan there is a good chance that the equipment is still calibrated for an adult, which means that your child will get hit with six times more radiation than necessary.

Radiologists calibrate the machines for the clearest image possible, but they often neglect to recalibrate to the patient’s size.

The effects of too much CT exposure can’t be seen until up to 18 months later!

Americans have been exposed to unnecessary testing by an increase of seven-fold over the past 30 years. And along with them – increased radiation exposure and cancer risk.

OVER HALF of deaths from cancer and heart disease might be X-RAY INDUCED. If the diagnostic procedure causes the disease you want to avoid, perhaps you should avoid it.

Multiple experts claim that over 50% of today’s cancer-related deaths and over 60% of ischemic heart disease-related deaths are induced by x-ray!

Even mainstream experts say that x-ray frequency in today’s medical environment could use a 50% cutback. This strongly suggests that we can lower our radiation exposure, thus reducing the side effects from these methods.


Another version of CT is magnetic resonance imaging, also known as MRI.

MRI makes sense if you suffer lower back pain with no clear cause. I

t’s designed to spot everything from bulging discs to little fractures. Conditions that are too fine for an x-ray to catch.

The logic is that if you find something, it can and should be treated surgically.

The problem is that there is a big flaw in treating such injuries surgically: it’s no more effective in alleviating ordinary pain than old-fashioned rest and mild exercise.

It can also lead to harm because abnormalities seen in MRI often have nothing to do with back pain (people without pain have them, too).

Something differing from what the physician perceives to be normal might not be the cause of the patient’s problem. There, we have doctors and their God Complexes coming into play…an entirely different sort of problem, but one we will address in the near future.


A study on 60,000 women in Sweden showed that 70% of diagnosed tumors were actually not tumors at all. These false-positive radiology results ignite not only emotional and financial problems for patients but can lead to unnecessary and invasive biopsies.

Experts are now finally acknowledging the toxic effects of radiation as a SIGNIFICANT FACTOR in the development of breast cancer. For example, one mammogram is equivalent in radiation to 1,000 chest x-rays. If that doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will.

Remember that your immune system is the best weapon against breast cancer. A whopping 30% of breast cancer goes away on its own due to a patient’s STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM.

Looking at history, 50 years ago only one in 20 women were diagnosed with breast cancer. Now it’s one in seven. Most recent studies show that breast cancer screenings do more harm than good.

LET ME SIMPLIFY THIS: Screening leads to 30% of misdiagnosis and mistreatment. Out of 2,000 women screened over a 10 year period, ONLY ONE WILL HAVE HER LIFE PROLONGED and 10 healthy women will be treated unnecessarily.

So mammograms quite possibly shorten your life unnecessarily…yet, the medical services industry peddles them as if they were over-the-counter cold medicine!


PSA is the common name for a blood test that reveals the protein levels of this prostate-specific antigen which is made by the cells of the prostate gland in men. High values of PSA are allegedly linked to prostate cancer.

The problem is that this link is not always present, and when there is cancer of the prostate present, it’s not necessarily deadly. A high PSA test result often leads to a false diagnosis, and from there to an unnecessarily search for a tumor, which in turn can have negative effects such as impotence. Many biopsies actually spread cancer cells across the body.

Let’s say 1,000 men have a PSA test. Only one will avoid prostate cancer as a result. One hundred of them will have a false-positive result – a high level of PSA but no cancer.

The result is lots of unnecessary biopsies. The BENEFIT of the test does not outweigh the HARM, so this test is often useless. Most men will be diagnosed as having cancer even though it’s a cancer that won’t cause them any harm.

Less Is More

Lots of diagnoses today are based on review and diagnostics when we should be concentrating on DISEASE PREVENTION instead.

It’s a risky trend for people who don’t understand the perils of radiological tests or don’t know how to take care of their health. Just remember how many false-positives these tests return, which cause many unnecessary biopsies, medical procedures, surgeries, and even chemotherapy treatments.

Remember that your immune system is the best defense against any cancer. Getting a false-positive result focuses you on fear and disease. It makes you stress, which in turn suppresses your immune system, thus making it easier for cancer to defeat you. Medical history and neurological screening are more effective in diagnosing a problem. Sometimes less is more.

Never trust the sales process, do your own research.

I’m always here to help.


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