New Research Regarding Heart Disease


For as much as heart disease kills, we still know relatively little about it.

Doctors can’t agree on what causes heart disease.

You have probably heard that lower blood pressure and a lower cholesterol level will protect you from it, but what about the 55% of people who die from it when they didn’t have any SYMPTOMS or RISK FACTORS?

Heart disease is such a conundrum that if you go to four different doctors you will get four different diagnoses and four different recommendations for treatment.

Sending blood samples to different laboratories will most likely get you different results.

Fifty percent of common medical tests are unnecessary and useless. New research shows there is no evidence that a lower cholesterol level will fix you up.

It can backfire on you, as having a cholesterol level below 180 mg/dl can be detrimental. The only thing scientists agree on is that inflammation can cause heart disease.

Have you ever heard about someone who never smoked, exercised regularly, never had problems with blood pressure or high cholesterol, yet still died from heart disease?

I’ve heard this story many times, and this is what made me dig deeper into the subject.

Did you know that every third guy who experiences a heart attack has a normal cholesterol level?

People shouldn’t believe everything they read about high cholesterol.

Here’s why:

Every two years experts all over the world discuss what is a normal, acceptable cholesterol level, and every time this figure is lower than the last time.

THEY HAVE NO SOLID EVIDENCE to back this stuff up.

The closest anyone came was the 1991 study done by the US Office of the Surgeon General.

It found that if Americans were to cut some saturated fat from their diets they could DELAY 42,000 DEATHS EACH YEAR.

This means that if you avoided saturated fat, you would not die at 70 but you would LIVE 2 WEEKS LONGER. This is CRAZY.

It makes no sense at all.

Where did this myth come from?

It came from big drug companies that manufacture cholesterol-lowering drugs.

Out of 1,900 patients, 30 of those who took a cholesterol-lowering drug died, and 39 who didn’t take the drug died. This means that over a period of seven years this drug reduced the chance of heart disease by HALF A PERCENT.

And what did they conclude? That this drug reduced the chance of heart disease by 25%.


High cholesterol can lead to severe arterial blockages, but such blockages cause only three out of 10 heart attacks.

Doctors used to believe those heart attacks were caused by a buildup of plaque that caused blockages, but this is no longer the case.

All the known risk factors such as high blood pressure, smoking, high cholesterol, and so on explain only half the risk of developing atherosclerosis.

Most likely the cause is genetic.

Doctors just don’t know why this is so.

New research points to a hormone imbalance.

The American Heart Association compiled the results of 100 testosterone studies and found that low testosterone is associated with a higher rate of heart disease.

They also found that men with normal levels of estradiol had the fewest deaths over a period of three years.

Those with high levels had 133% more deaths during the same period, while those with the lowest estradiol levels had 317% MORE DEATHS.

So here we have a key factor in the heart disease problem.

Seventy-five percent of diagnoses come from detailed patient history, 10% come from physical exams, ONLY 5% come from routine tests, and ONLY 5% come from invasive tests.

The problem is the lack of diagnostic success.

Even if the patient receives what doctors refer to as “optimal care and treatment,” there is less than a 50% chance that the patient will live longer than they would without treatment.

Try sending your blood sample to a laboratory for your cholesterol level, then have them test the same blood sample a half hour later. Don’t be surprised if you see a 20% difference between the two tests.

Your doctor might put you on a cholesterol-lowering drug for the rest of your life just because of inaccurate lab results.

The cold hard truth is that some patients who really need treatment are misdiagnosed and end up dying, while more than 50% of patients receive treatment that is unnecessary.

The TRUTH is that medical experts who make recommendations for treatment are FINANCIALLY TIED to the DRUG COMPANIES.

Many of them own stock in the drug companies that make the products, or are involved in the clinical trials that examine the efficacy of those products.

This is what the media won’t tell you.

There is only one thing that is common to everyone who dies of a heart attack: a large quantity of macrophages, which cause arteries to rupture.

If you are exercising, have a healthy diet, and don’t smoke, you are still not resistant to heart attack. The only things I can recommend for you are:

  • 500mg of magnesium per day, because it’s crucial to heart function and most of you guys are deficient in it
  • Aspirin, because it reduces inflammation. Taking 83mg a day reduces the risk of heart attack by 22%, and the risk of stroke by 80%.
  • Curcumin, because it enhances cardiovascular health, supports healthy cholesterol, increases testosterone by acting as an anti-aromatase, and reduces plaque in arteries, among many more benefits
  • DHA and EPA in the form of fish oil. Numerous studies showed that it reduced heart attack, lowered triglycerides, slowed hardening of the arteries, and slightly lowered blood pressure.
  • Avoiding things that can cause inflammation – things that assault your immune system. Some of the most important are physical or psychological stress, lack of sleep, abnormal levels of hormones, medications, and alcohol.

Being hormonally balanced, having a healthy lifestyle, and maintaining the proper balance of bacteria in the gut are currently the best ways to combat heart disease.

For example, chemicals created by stress can cause your intestinal lining to become leaky, allowing the enemy to enter your bloodstream, causing inflammation, which is the primary cause of heart disease. If the enemy continues to attack, your intestinal wall gets damaged, too.

Other things get screwed up and you end up with poor digestion.

This is how the inflammation that causes heart disease develops.

I will share with you ONE BIG SECRET for keeping your gut bacteria balanced and beneficial to your health. Some of you probably think that eating a yogurt or taking probiotics will do the job, but that’s like planting a seed and neglecting the sunshine.

It’s a strategy that most often fails. Instead, eat sauerkraut.

One serving of this super food has the same amount of good bacteria as in a whole bottle of capsulated probiotics.

That’s it, guys – heart disease is not a simple thing, and is not to be taken lightly. Instead we need to attack the enemy from all sides.

It’s like building walls around the castle.

You can’t build just a north wall and hope the enemy will come from the north.

You must build north, south, east, and west walls to SUCCESSFULLY DEFEND against heart disease.

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