Reverse Diabetes Part 1


Diabetes is everywhere, and more and more people are now prediabetic and diabetic than ever before.1

In the last 15 years the prediabetic state has TRIPLED, which means that in future years we will see massive type 2 diabetes in people.

The prediabetic state is diagnosed when a person has a fasting glucose value of 100 – 125 mg/dl.

Having such a high fasting glucose value means you are progressing to becoming more insulin resistant.

Fortunately it can be turned around easily through regular exercise, replacing processed foods with whole foods, and becoming more conscious of your carbohydrate intake.

Most recent research has shown that the rate of diabetes is rising constantly.

An increase of 20 to 30 percent in just the past 15 years is a MATTER OF CONCERN!2

Such an increase cannot be due solely to genetics. It clearly says that what we are doing today is so wrong on many levels, and in order to fight this epidemic we must take necessary steps.

Let me share something MIND-BLOWING with you.

Doctors lack insight into what is causing diabetes. They prescribe insulin for type 2 diabetes, which is actually the WORST THING you can do because it can lead to developing type 1 diabetes!

Doctors see type 2 diabetes as a problem of blood sugar, while the truth is that it is a problem of insulin resistance.3

This misunderstanding of diabetes is what helps it spread through the world even more.

Modern diets that are high in sugar cause your body to produce too much insulin, which is, in the end, not used properly.

Once it is not being used properly by your body, an advanced stage of insulin resistance occurs. The typical American indulges in too many grains and other forms of sugar that keep their body in a constant insulin-producing state and high in blood glucose.

In this stage, blood glucose builds up in your blood because it cannot get to your cells because your cells are insulin resistant. The majority of diabetics fall into this category.

Not using traditional drugs to counter type 2 diabetes is the first step in reversing diabetes. The second step is to change your lifestyle.

Conventional therapeutic drugs can do more harm than good. The best way to treat it is through lifestyle changes.4

The biggest problem is that your local doctor views diabetes as a disease of elevated blood sugar.

They explain diabetes as the body’s inability to produce enough insulin.

That’s why it is “logical” to them to prescribe insulin so you can counteract the elevated blood glucose.

But diabetes is not a result of insufficient insulin production.

It is actually a result of continuous production of too much insulin due to your BAD DIET.

This chronic continuous production of excess insulin makes your cells resistant to insulin.

You do not need INSULIN because it will make you more insulin resistant! Instead you need to restore your cells to being insulin sensitive again!

That’s why doctors are so wrong, and the day will come when they say how right Alex was.

Let me clarify the role of insulin so it sticks in your brain.

Once your blood sugar goes up (after you’ve ingested a meal), your body releases insulin in order to put that sugar into cells.

Some of it goes to your stores of glycogen, while much of it goes into your fat tissue.

That’s how you end up being fat in the first place!

You see, the role of insulin is to store the energy you just ingested so that you can have energy in the future, when you are out of food for example.

A side effect of this energy-storing characteristic of insulin is that blood sugar goes down. Being exposed to too much insulin makes your cells “numb” to this hormone, thus you end up being resistant to it.

This “numbness” gets even worse if you counteract it with your doctor’s prescription of insulin injections.
Another key player in understanding diabetes is a hormone called leptin.

Its main function is to regulate your appetite and body weight. It tells you when to eat, when to stop eating, how much to eat, and what to do with the energy you just ate.

Now keep an eye on this paradox: Once insulin is released, most of the energy is stored in fat cells, the same cells that PRODUCE leptin. The more fat cells you have, the more leptin is produced, and it’s a never-ending cycle.

Insulin and leptin are like brothers. If you become resistant to insulin you will also become resistant to leptin – your brain becoming numb to leptin’s signals, resulting in chronic hunger and overeating.

Proper diet is one key to fixing these two players. Another is to start exercising, and a third is to review your gut flora.

Why is leptin so important? Because recent studies showed that even a low dose of leptin is able to reduce blood sugar in people with diabetes.

Stay tuned for the "Reverse Diabetes Part 2" in which I discuss how to fight diabetes effectively through diet and show you how traditional medical treatment is bad for people with looming diabetes.

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