Natural Answers to Erectile Dysfunction


Zero-Cost, Zero-Stress Ways to Put an End to Erectile Dysfunction

Thinking about taking Viagra or Cialis?

Make sure you read this first …

Dangers Hidden in That Little Blue Pill

Thirty million American men live with erectile dysfunction. Are you one of them?

If you are—and you’ve talked to your doctor about it—chances are you’ve at least considered a prescription drug like Viagra to help with the problem.

First, it’s good to talk to your doctor. Don’t be embarrassed—they’ve heard it before. The reason you should discuss ED with your doctor is because it can be a symptom of something else, like heart disease. When that’s the case—and it is 70% of the time—it’s important to begin addressing the root cause. Your life might depend on it!

Several prescription drugs can trigger ED. If you’re taking a prescription, the fix might be as simple as your doctor adjusting the dosage. Or changing the medication.

Before you start taking drugs for your ED, consider these facts:

  • Heart disease is often the cause of ED. Prescription treatments for ED can interact with medications you’re taking for your heart—sometimes fatally.
  • ED prescriptions like Viagra list headaches, nausea, dizziness, stomach pain, loss of hearing, and diarrhea as common side effects. Memory loss and vision disruptions, too.
  • Serious side effects can include an irregular heartbeat, fainting, shortness of breath, sudden vision loss, and chest pain.

No matter the root cause of your erectile dysfunction, you have plenty of drug-free options to help you get back to having an active and fulfilling sex life … without all the risks that come from taking another prescription drug.

All-Natural, Drug-Free Solutions to End Your Bedroom Embarrassment

The good news is, if you are like most men, taking better care of your overall health and fitness and making better lifestyle choices can improve your sexual performance. That means you don’t need to fork over a bunch of money or risk a minefield of side effects to get yourself back in the groove.

If you want a zero-cost, zero-stress way to perform better in bed and put some snap back in your sex life, it could be just as easy as making one of these simple changes.

Take a walk: The research is in. Regular, moderate physical activity can prevent ED and improve performance in men with ED. In one study researchers found men who took a 30-minute walk every day, dropped their risk of ED by 41%. Suggest an after-dinner walk to your significant other. You’ll get a double benefit. The exercise will help prevent ED, and the time together—walking, talking, and holding hands—can put you and her both in the mood for a little romance.

Work it Out: If you want better upper body strength, what do you do? You hit the gym for a little weight lifting. Or you start doing some daily push-ups. Whatever you do, it involves working your muscles to build strength.

Same goes for the muscles you use during sex.

If you want better performance, strengthen the muscles around your penis with Kegel exercises. Contract your pelvic floor muscles—these are the same muscles you use to stop the flow of urine—hold for five seconds, and release. Repeat ten times. Do this twice a day, and you’ll enjoy harder erections, better control during sex, and an improved performance overall.

“I Thought Size Didn’t Matter”: When it comes to sexual function, it’s the size of your waistline that matters. Being overweight and out-of-shape can lead to ED.

On the upside, losing weight and getting fit can turn your ED around, and get you back in action.

Not only that, taking these two steps will help prevent many other diseases that could cause erection problems. And increasing your health and fitness will also make you feel more attractive, which can make sexual encounters more relaxed and more fun … not to mention more frequent.

Natural Supplements: The usual supplements recommended for men are yohimbe and horny goat weed. Both of these can interact with medications and have mild side effects. If you give them a try, talk to your doctor so you know what to watch for in terms of health problems.

You can also try safer alternatives like red Korean ginseng and pomegranate juice. Studies on ginseng and ED are very promising. And pomegranate juice offers a host of cardiovascular benefits that can also promote healthier erections. Neither ginseng or pomegranate juice has significant side effects for the vast majority of people. These safe alternatives to drugs could make a real difference.

Being sexually active is an important part of being a healthy adult. Don’t let embarrassment over erectile dysfunction stop you from taking control of your sex life. Give these free and easy solutions a try.

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