Prolactine: Dopamine's Enemy


After an orgasm (with ejaculation) occurs, prolactin swarms through your body. Dopamine is responsible for sexual arousal, and prolactin is responsible for feelings of detachment (you’re not interested in cuddling, want to go sleep, and don’t want sex again) because it’s the hormone that literally suppresses dopamine. Its relationship to dopamine is very close, and is best illustrated in this graph: During a prolactin spike, a refractory period begins. A refractory period is the time needed for your body to rejuvenate so you can have sex again. When you were young you could orgasm many times; now you can orgasm about once in two days. The logic is simple –the more prolactin you have, the longer the refractory period. If you could lower your prolactin level to the normal range, your refractory period would be shorter, which means more orgasms and less time needed to get an erection again.

A high level of prolactin is associated with loss of libido, erectile dysfunction, mood changes, headache, infertility, DECREASED TESTOSTERONE LEVELS (by lowering LH and FSH levels –I’ll talk about these two guys in future newsletters), weight gain, and longer refractory periods, while a low level can cause anxiety, metabolic syndrome, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, and damaged sperm. Since dopamine is a prolactin inhibitor, excess dopamine can lead to very low levels of prolactin. The rule of thumb is simple: a normal level of prolactin is the key to heaven.

Ways to Control Prolactin Levels

1.  Vitamin B6– Several studies found a link between B6 deficiency and an excess of prolactin in men. By eating foods rich in B6, such as potatoes, chicken, spinach, beef, liver, carrots, turkey, wild salmon, and supplementing with B6,you can lower your prolactin.

2. Zinc –Your prolactin level will thank you for eating healthy foods high in zinc. Meat, poultry, Gouda cheese, beans, nuts, seeds (especially pumpkin seeds), spinach, and mushrooms are all high ...

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