Sleep: Most Effortless Art


Are you sleep-deprived?

I’ll bet you are.

And if so, I’ll bet you’re also testosterone-deprived.

When you are exhausted due to lack of sleep, you would rather go to sleep than have sex.

The effortless act of sleeping is the quickest way to boost your erections. If you are elderly, your sleep pattern is the best predictor of your testosterone level.

Sleep and erection are like two friends. If sleep isn’t a good friend, your erections will backfire on you.

During sleep your body, hormones, and immune system are restored and balanced.

Lack of sleep leads you to all kinds of disorders that are closely linked to erectile dysfunction.

Some of them are:

•  Inflammation–A significant increase in inflammation due to lack of sleep will speed up all the modern diseases you can get.

•  High blood pressure - New evidence suggests that the increased prevalence of arterial hypertension in the population is due to the decline in sleep in our modern lifestyle.

If you remember, I mentioned this a few times in my previous newsletters – that high blood pressure will surely bring your penis down.

•  Low testosterone - Each hour you sleep less than the ideal (9 hours) ruins your testosterone level.

•  Thickening of the arteries - Those who sleep well have much less risk of thickening of the arteries. Depriving yourself of sleep will wreck the health of your arteries more than any disease.

•  More stress - Ever heard of stress-induced erectile dysfunction? This condition occurs when your erection problem is entirely due to a high stress level.

•  Insulin resistance - Lack of sleep leads to poor insulin resistance, which in turn greatly contributes to developing type-2 diabetes.

Consider the fact that every second man with type 2 diabetes has significant erection problems.

So how fast will lack of sleep deprive you of your sex life?

One week of depriving yourself of sleep will surely lead to a 10% drop in ...

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