American Health Nightmare Vs Tribal People


I have been traveling the world studying and researching how different cultures approach healthy living...
I was amazed, for instance, in United States, it is believed that disease is a result of natural phenomena, and they fight it with sophisticated technology in order to diagnose the problem and treat it with the latest high-tech cures.
More traditional cultures, believe that disease is the result of supernatural phenomena and can be solved by praying!
I stumbled on some villagers deep in the Amazon Rainforests of Brazil who believe that each disease can be cured by a specific soup or herbs...
So I dug deeper and found that these people do not have diseases that typical American suffers from. In fact, they are a lot healthier, on average.
Why? Food is a big reason. Their diets don’t contain additives like ours.
They eat no added artificial sweeteners, trans fats, or processed foods.
It’s not just food, however. It’s also their activity levels.
They don’t sit in front of the computer for 10 hours a day... they don’t read stupid negative newspapers and television (which depresses you subtly). Heck, they even drink much. And they never eat too much of anything.
Their favorite meal is the one that consists only of almost pure fat. The typical American doctor or dietician would say that these people are crazy and that they will die of heart disease.... but the reality is different...
 you see, you must start to condition your brain to understand that there is a lot of misinformation out in the world.
This misinformation, which is widely distributed across the internet and traditional media is financed by special interests, all seeking to profit. Some of them are systems we’ve learned to trust, but who have their own interests at heart.
Truth is, in comparison to this tribe Americans are weak. Living like them for a couple of weeks would cause most of us to get sick, possibly die. That’s because they actually hunt for their food and they only eat “spoils” like red meat and wine, when they are able to .
We, on the other hand, spend our days in front of the computer and television... they spend their days drinking, socializing and eating barbecue. The catch is that they press their own grapes, catch, kill, skin, and smoke their own food. This allows them to enjoy each other’s company in a way that many Americans seem to have forgotten.
Their reality is the complete opposite of your reality...
I remember my grandfather used to grow potatoes for his pigs and potatoes for his family…
He bred the “family potatoes” 7 times LESS than those for his pigs. Each potato for the family held special value... he refused to mass produce, keeping “our” crop stronger.
He would milk the cows and the whole milk would go to feed his family while skim milk to pigs…and what do we do today? Drink skim milk (sugared and salted garbage) because it has less calories.
NOT SO FUN FACT: Prior to World War 2, skim milk was thrown away or used to feed pigs? Today, that garbage and pig feed is marketed as “healthy”. Absolutely disgusting!
That’s just one example of how you are being LIED TO and slowly poisoned, fattened up, and sickened so that some doctor can prescribe you some pill, that some big pharma company can charge your insurance carrier huge fees for…to keep the circle moving.
Armed with tons of TOP SECRET research direct from the real world…
Can’t wait to share some of this stuff. It has helped me lose almost 20 pounds over the past 4 months and I’m eating MORE than I ever did before.
It’s time to take the RED PILL ;-)

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