Embrace The Sun


I bet you have been misinformed by the media, believing that you should avoid the sun and use sunscreen during sun exposure.

Well, this belief is wrong.

Let’s find out why.

The sun emits dozens of different wavelengths such as UVA, UVB, UVC, etc. The only wavelength that makes your body produce vitamin D is UVB. The problem is that it can only do so if your skin is not covered with sunscreen.

If the sun is lower than 50 degrees above the horizon, you will most likely be exposed to UVA rays. They are the ones responsible for skin cancer and skin aging. They give you a tan just as UVB rays do, but they do not give you the vitamin D that is so precious to your well-being. UVA is the enemy, not UVB. The media won’t tell you these details.

You might think that by standing by the window in your office you will get your vitamin D through the glass. But you will only get UVA rays, because UVA penetrates glass easily while UVB is filtered by window glass. In fact UVA can prevent vitamin D production and increase oxidative stress.

What I suggest is using sunscreen only when you’re outside for more than 45 minutes. You should be protected during those first 45 minutes by your body’s internal mechanism. To be sure you’re protected, start using the supplements and tea I suggest below:


Fish Oil

Fish oil provides good protection against the damaging effects of sun rays. Scientists proved this by testing small pieces of skin from 40 light-skinned people. They subjected the skin to various intensities of UV radiation to show how sensitive the skin was. More vulnerable skin was more prone to aging and skin cancer. One group of people received 4 grams of fish oil per day, while the other received none. After three months the skin of the group that ingested fish oil required a lot more UV light to start burning. To put it simply, fish oil protects you from the damaging effects of sun rays.


Green Tea

The green tea catechins found in green tea can also make you more resistant to damage from sun rays. In a study done in the UK, people consumed two cups of green tea along with 50mg of vitamin C per day for three months. After three months, skin redness after exposure to UV rays was reduced. The study also showed that when UV produced inflammation, green tea catechins reduced that effect.



This is a strong antioxidant obtained from seaweed that protects skin from allergies, sunburn, and premature aging and gives skin its texture and elasticity.


These supplements and green tea should protect you from the sun effectively. If you ever get sunburned, one of the best things for healing your skin is aloe vera.


There is so much hype about sun exposure in the media that it’s driving me crazy, and the media never provides detailed information. Here are some surprising facts:

  • People who are regularly exposed to the sun do have a higher risk for skin cancer compared to those who avoid the sun, but they have a lower risk for far more deadly diseases than skin cancer. They have a lower risk for all fatal diseases! So I would rather expose myself to the sun than avoid it. Two groups of people were studied: non-smokers who avoided the sun and smokers who got too much sun exposure. Guess what? Non-smokers who avoided the sun died earlier than the smokers who got too much sun exposure.
  • A 20-year study pointed out that women who avoided sun exposure had a 100% greater risk of dying from all causes of death than those with typical exposure to the sun.
  • A three-year study showed that adults who were the most deficient in vitamin D had a 90% increased mortality risk.
  • In Europe, for example, for every person who got skin cancer there were about 80 people who died from stroke and heart disease.


If you follow my advice to expose yourself to the sun while jogging 15 minutes each day, your health will skyrocket. Remember that the benefits of the sun to your heart health far outweigh the risk of developing skin cancer.

Would you rather soak up your vitamin D and become one of the rare folks who are not deficient in this vitamin, or avoid sun exposure and be at higher risk for all diseases? No wonder critically ill children are found to be deficient in vitamin D.

And exposure to the sun goes even further than vitamin D production. Some of its other benefits are: better mood and energy through release of endorphins; nitric oxide production, which protects your cardiovascular system; body temperature regulation; and synchronization of your body’s hormonal rhythms.

Why do those who work outdoors have less skin cancer than those who don’t? It might be because people who work indoors are exposed to sun through glass windows, and as you now know, only the evil UVA rays can pass through glass, while UVB rays reach only those who spend time outside.

I hope you will now embrace the sun the right way!

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