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Health researcher, Alex Wayne, is passionate about bringing you the information they don’t want you to have. Having struggled to overcome challenges in his own life, he knows how much dangerous misinformation is out there when it comes to health and liberty. And he’s committed to helping men like himself to discover the real solutions that lead to lifelong health, vigor, and mental sharpness. The answers are out there, but it takes someone like Alex Wayne to sift through the garbage and bring you the truth.

Wayne grew up in middle America during a time when men were still men. Like his father before him, he went to work for the steel mill. And like his father, he naively believed that the company would do right by him. But the company did not.

After several decades of loyal work, Wayne found himself laid off after a work injury led to a mysterious illness. He was denied compensation and lost his medical insurance. Borrowing from friends and family, he went from doctor to doctor, hoping to find relief. Each doctor gave him a different diagnosis and prescribed him different medications. None of them warned him about the side effects or the possibility of addiction.

Months later, Wayne’s condition hadn’t improved. But the drugs were producing unbearable side effects. He lost faith in his doctors and in the conventional advice that he’d be following dutifully for years. He didn’t want to depend on a broken system any longer. So he sought after knowledge that could help him to heal himself.

All of this happened in the days before the internet. So Wayne had to go to the city library and pour over medical journals in microfiche format. He became such a fixture at the library, that the librarians took up his cause. With their support, he became a masterful researcher, and soon he had found the answers that he needed to wean himself off the medications and to restore his health naturally.

Through word of mouth, other men began to seek out Wayne’s help. Some come to him with conditions that the doctors hadn’t been able to treat. Others just wanted to know what they could do to remain healthy. Many of the men had grown skeptical of the conventional advice they were receiving. They wanted to know the truth.

Eventually, with the development of the world wide web, Wayne realized that he could reach men all across America to help them avoid the many pitfalls along the path of health. So he began to publish his newsletter to a large audience. He is grateful that he has the opportunity to have a positive impact on the lives of so many men. And that continues to fuel his passion for health research, to bring you honest, undistorted information that you won’t find anywhere else.

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